Nappylocs Book
Tons of photos give you a detailed description on how to lock hair from the tip to the root with a
tool. Nappylocs TM produces more stable locks at any size than most traditional methods! It's  
packed with information such as parting sizes,  locking patterns, and lock care tips!  Use
Nappylocs TM to maintain existing locks.  The Nappylocs TM package includes book,  tool, a 8oz
shampoo. Spray, scalp oil and a bonus dvd for your specific hair type. Just tell us if you are coil
type 1,2,or 3.
Complete all
natural  Dreadz
care kit
A gentler way to maintain locs
without compromising  healthy
tresses. If your hair texture is  curly,
kinky, or straight Nappylocs TM may
be for you. Thin to phat natties-you
Nappylocs TM is simple and easy and very
much like simple hand sewing.  Just
practice, practice, practice! New 2 minute dvd
demonstrating the correct way to start locks
or maintain locs! You can try it alone but it's
BEST to enlist the aid of a friend.
Q-What hair types can Nappylocs Tools and book  be used for?
A-We group hair types into 3 divisions, however many of you may fall somewhere in between or have several
hair textures on your head in different areas.
Type 3
Type 1
Type 2
Q-What sizes can I make/maintain my dreadlocks?
A- Locs can be made small, medium, and large and in between!
Q- My scalp really itches and flakes.  I hate not being able to shampoo my hair. Can I really shampoo
my hair using the Nappylocs Tool and/or book TM?
A- Yes you may shampoo your hair-gently from day one.  Use the Baby Dreadz or Nappy Dreadz
which have natural ingredients which reportedly help fight the itches.

Q I have dreadlocks. Can I maintain them using your tool?
A-Yes you can maintain existing locs whether your hair is kinky or straight. Even if you use other tools
 you can easily switch.
Nappy and Happy's  
all natural  skin/hair
care line
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Type 1